Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Honda Civic lined up, on the midway of Jalan Tun Sardon's (four miles away from Relau junction and four more miles to go to Balik Pulau 'midvalley'), with engines revving and preparing for invasion, prior to speeding up through the treacherous & sloppy hills of Balik Pulau. They demanded Durian & Laksa...

Eh, Mat Salleh or what this guy in yellow shirt (I know this true BP guy btw -- He goes to school with me!)?? See more pictures at Bernard Chan's -- blogged his trip to Anjung Indah (observatory point at the peak of Bkt Relau) and Kongsi town (heart of Balik Pulau).


  1. Oit.. tak sangka ada blog dedicated kat Balik Pulau, noh? Haha.

  2. Balik Pulau is like... the biggest city in the world! of course it needs its own blog ;)

    Cheers! (psst. hutan Sintok full of communists also has one loh! -- see Sintok.com)

    Nice boat Bernard!

  3. Haha.. dem proud of Balik Pulau lah ngko nih :-)

    That was a boat in Mulu.

    I'm going for durian again next week.. got any other tips to recommend ke? Place, durian types, etc.

  4. Sori Doc Bernard... I only tau makan them deroyans... My mother is the expert one in buying loads of them every couple wks or so.

    Types etc: http://www.asiaexplorers.com/malaysia/penang_durian.htm

    Yesterday, I saw the stall at Paya Terubong selling them at RM1 sebijik... (have big painted sign on left side of the road on the way up towards Relau via Ayer Itam) Might want to check it out. Not sure good quality or not though.


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